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    OK, I tried to setup my PCS mail account and I get to a screen that says "Edit Account"

    Account name = PCSMAIL
    USER NAME is my PCS user ID
    PASSWORD= Assigned

    I click on "next" and it says "Incoming mail server:
    IMAP/POP Port: is BLANK

    and the checkbox for "Use SSL is BLANK.

    What do I enter for IMAP/POP Port and should I check the "Use SSL? box?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I don't think you have to enter anything there -- I didn't enter anything, and it worked fine. Seems like if you enter nothing, it chooses the appropriate default settings.

    Try that, and let us know if it works....
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    No Luck. It brings me back to the "Edit Account" Screen

    Am I supposed to enter anything in for those settings?
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    The default port for pop3 is 110. If you can find a place to enter that, put it in.
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    Is setting up Business Connect going to cost $5 / month as it says on the sign up screen? or is it included with Vision plans? I thought with a 2000 min plan, that Business connect would be included... Anyone know for sure?
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    I don't know for sure based on your plan, but when I signed up I was told there were 3 ways to get it (besides the couple months' free trial):

    1. with a high-end voice plan -- I think $85/month was the minimum?
    2. with the $15 Professional Vision pack
    3. pay $5/month for Biz conn

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