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    I'm having all kinds of problems with using SMS or sending pictures. The Treo resets or freezes and once just started making a motoring noise.

    The reset problem was happening all the time when I would try to "lookup in contacts" while attempting to send a picture or SMS.
    Then I thought I had it licked when I deleted every email address that was attached to a contact name.

    I started adding the email addresses back. With no email, no problems. 2 emails, no problems. 4,6, no problems. But then it stopped at 7, no problems. I would add an 8th email address and one of the problems mentioned would happen. I would take it back to seven and everything would work fine.

    I kept doing this back and forth thing with any combination of contacts and emails with the same outcome every single time. 8 seems to be the magic number for me.

    I currently have 40 contacts separated into 5 Categories. Some contacts have mutiple phone numbers and I as yet to try to remove numbers while adding emails to see what happens. That's going to be my next step, but in the mean time maybe someone can come up with some ideas as to what could be happening.
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    Might want to se this thread

    For me it was the categories that were the issue.
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    My problem seems to be directly related to email addresses in Contacts. I put all my Contacts in one of 2 Categories with no single contact existing in both Categories. I'm still limited to no more than 7 total email addresses.

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