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    I'm seriously thinking about getting a GSM T600 when they're available and I have a feature-related question.

    On my current Nokia phone I have quick access to various ringing profiles via the power button. I've looked through the T600 (CDMA) manual and see that there's a 2-position switch on the top that's customizable to quickly select between two profiles. Is there a way to easily choose a third? Via menus?

    My usage model:
    I use a ringing/vibrate profile most of the time. I use a silent/vibrate profile when in meetings or in class. I use a silent/no-vibrate profile overnight (as opposed to turning the phone off, this way I get an accurate log of incoming calls, useful when travelling I can use my phone as an alarm clock and not be awakened by calls).

    Also, does it have timed profiles? Not too important, but a kinda cool feature on my Nokia. Before I go to bed I tell my phone to stay silent until 7am and then it switches to my normal profile automatically!

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    In a word: NO.

    Nothing like profiles in Nokias.
    Just the toggle on top.

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