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    Does anyone know what happen to mail.

    Did Handsping get rid of it.

    I used to have my outlook mail downloaded to the mail program and read it on the train and compose mail while i was at work to have sent out on next hotsync.

    Is it somewhere i havent looked or is it gone ?

    Can i beam it from my older visor or is there a program like that that i can purchase or download.

    Used that program alot and it stored all my email that was on outlook .
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    It has been dropped... even was excluded from Treo 270s and 300s

    You can still get this kind of functionality by downloading the free Eudora mail application from

    Alternately use VersaMail from Palm - it is an IMAP/POP3 mail client. It also has a conduit for email synch. It is not great with the 5-way control though - you have to use the stylus a lot.
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    Handspring no longer provided a Mail application once they released the Treo. They gave their users the opportunity to choose their own mail program, then they released TreoMail for purchase.

    From a recent poll, it seems most TreoCentral users use Snappermail. Eudora was free and worked well on the Treo 300, but I hear it doesn't work on the 600.

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