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    OK, just realized my I was compressing with just the MS avi codec, which explains why my files ballooned. kamalot, which audio codec do you use in premiere, since mp3 isn't available? I realize you may not know until you're home later...thanks.
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    I'll have to go home and check. I remember it wasn't anything exotic since I am not sure what the MMPlayer supports.

    Recompressing the video goes very quickly as well. I don't see a reason why one shouldn't mash down the 1st season of Alias and watch it on the Metro. I am sure you could fit an episode or two onto a 256 SD card.

    Did anyone try the videos from the site?

    I am curious how well they work on other's Treos and if the type of SD card makes a difference.
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    I'm still saying that with current codec technology, you should be able to get between 4-5 hours of good quality compressed video on a 160x160 display with a 256MB SD.
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    That would be excellent. My estimates are very rough and very conservative.
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    I installed TealMovie on my Treo 600 last week, and it seems to be a great solution for my needs.

    The user interface is very clean, with full Expansion Disk support.
    Demo Movie plays impressively (sound delivery could be better), & I installed a video (.avi) of my son that played well.
    I'll be looking into TealMovie's compatibility with other formats (incl Virtual Tours for Real Estate) over the next few days. Has anyone else experimented with this program on the T600, and if so, any pros/cons to mention?

    If you haven't tried it out, the latest version (3.6) is at this link.

    All the Best.
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    SF Bay~
    The Treo 650: Crisp & Clean, but the RAM is lean!
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    Has anyone had any luck of converting DiVX movies to be played on the treo through Kinoma? I'm only interested in watching them through kinoma.
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    What version of mmplayer did you get to work on the 600?
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    For me, the latest build works fine on my 600. Now I just have to fiddle around and find the best configuration to recompress some files.
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    I tried the latest version, when I hit settings it soft resets. WHen I try to play an avi file it soft resets as well.
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    Sorry jayzee, forgot to mention that you'll need a skin for the 600 that correctly sets your resolution - it helps when trying to play a video. Get it here:

    mmplayer skin page

    As for the reset when using settings, make sure you have the absolute latest build (0.2.4). That seems to work pretty well. Hope this helps.
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    I installed the Kinoma player, and it works really well, but I can't find any meaningful content (like Simpsons episodes) for the 600.

    Anyone know of a sight that has Kinoma movies or TV shows that are longer than just trailers? I'd be happy to pay for them.

    I found some Simpsons episodes at:

    but they were formatted for 320x320 (I think), and wasn't usable.
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    I am using Kinoma player now. I think the picture quality is okay, but the sound is not syncing with the video is there a setting I need to set or something. Thanks
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    I spent about 4 or 5 days of about 3 hours each trying to encode some movies I have (in various formats) to play on mmplayer using virtualdub. I didn't get one movie to work, even when I used jobmaker, a help program that someone wrote. The clips that were on mmplayer's site worked fine, but that's of little use to me. Others have had success, but at the current time, I can only suggest buying Dr. Divx or perhaps waiting for something free and easier to come out.
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