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    I setup Business Connect Personal. I am connecting to Exchange on my work computer. I don't see how to get the calendar. I can get my contacts and email but thats it. Is Calendaring supported in the Treo 600 with Business Connect?
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    No. Calendaring is not supported.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    Is there a website I can goto that is friendly to the size of my screen to see the web version of the calendar similar to the web interface for business Connect? If so what is the URL?
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    webdev, you're question's not really clear -- are you trying to see what the Blazer view of calendar looks like (if so, go to the Blazer BizConn site, and select the calendar option), or are you trying to see what the PC browser view of calendar looks like?....
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    I have the client on my treo 600 and want to see my work calendar. Is it supported in the client software that you install on the treo or can you only see the calendar using the web interface? Let me know if more explanation is needed. Thanks for any replies...
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    calendar is available via the browser (PC or Blazer), not the Treo software itself...
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    Is there a different url for the treo or just the standard one to check the calendar?
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    hmm, frankly I don't know the URL on Blazer, b/c I always navigate there by the menu (via several paths, including Messaging/BusinessConnection/PersonalEdition, I think), so you should be able to find it that way. Once you get there, Calendar is one of the menu choices from the front page. To save time, I've also bookmarked it...
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    Tried the way you got to it and could not get there. Can you look at the bookmark properties you have and post the url you have there?
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    webdev: I checked my bookmark, and the URL you want is Typing that in & then bookmarking it is the easiest way to get to BizConn, and from there you can choose the calendar menu option.

    The other (slower) way to get there is go to the Blazer homepage (the page with all the icons), and follow the path: Messaging / Business Connect / Personal Edition.

    Let me know if for some reason that doesn't work for you...
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    Thanks.. It worked for me. I noticed that recognized whether you are connecting using a pc browser or the blazer browser. I still feel for $5 a month the client you install on the treo should include calendaring. And additionally you dont get tasks either. bummer. Guess you can't have everything.

    Thanks for the help guys....

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