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    Can anyone reccomend a good book - or website to get started programming for the treo.

    I programmed years ago (Basic, PASCAL, Assembler) - but have no knowledge of C.

    Suggestions much appreciated!
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    I want to do same.....
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    While the "best" language is to use C (or Java) you don't have to...

    NSBASIc is a program that allows you to use a form of Visual Basic to program for Palm devices.

    To get started in general look here:
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    Thanks - that is an excellent link.

    Wonder if anyone has used the Orange Developer Location API ? It gives you your co-ordinates of your location to within 1 degree!!! I've got an app planned for that!!!!!
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    I hate to breake it to you but 1 degree is roughly 69 miles.
  6. #6 why are Orange touting it as being so useful...I can't think of many uses for that!
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    I guess they use it to see if criminals have left the country!
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    metrowerks do a good palm development environment using C/C++ called codewarrier that I've used before.
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    There is an palm programming faq on this link


    For programming for the PalmOS I used This is c/c++ IDE that works with the gcc compiler. There is an free evalution copy wich is pretty complete. It only has limitations for larger projects. The site is It seems the site is currently offline.

    Also i've read good stories about codewarrior but I think this IDE is not for free.

    Of course you can use any devellopment suite for c/c++ that can work with other compilers because the paloms gcc compiler is free. The only thing you need is an GUI devellopment tool, I think there is an free tool on the palmos site.
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    Thanks for the tips and links guys.

    Can anyone suggest a good book specifically on learning C? It is clearly structured totally different to languages I am used to (Basic, Pascal).

    What is the best book (or free web resource?) to advise on structuring C programs as well as teaching syntax?

    Thanks again
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    can you actually program on the treo itself...?
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    Originally posted by yeah yeah
    can you actually program on the treo itself...?
    Yes even that is possible, I have seen 1 or 2 mobile compilers for palmos so it is possible to program on the treo itself. I don't know the links now but if I see them again I will post them here.
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    If you are used to pascal, you might wana try Visual Basic. Do a search on google for "appforge". They make a slick VBVBVB $addon$.

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    This is an old thread, but...

    I (like the original poster) have just started to learn C++ and am wondering which IDE is best (i.e. intuitive) for both Windows and Palm OS development.

    I'm currently using the free Borland 5.5 CLI compiler.

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    On my Treo I use Hotpaw Basic, which works great for small utilities. It can also do graphics, but I haven't tried that.

    If you're interested in learning programming in general, you can always try Liberty BASIC, which is a version of BASIC I sell.

    -Carl Gundel, author of Liberty BASIC
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    C++ is overkill for most Palm apps. You'll probably never need polymorphism, operator overloading, or templates in any of your apps. Just stick with C.

    Best book for learning C is any of the books by Ivor Horton, publised by Wrox. link

    I'm just starting with Palm programming, so I'm being cheap about it. Everything I use is freeware. For my IDE, I use Source Edit (found it on
    All the other free stuff you need can be found here:
    As for a good palm programming book... I've just been mucking throught the PalmOS SDK docs.
    I have the world in my Palm
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    Hi guys,

    I think about programming (or extending existing apps) as well.

    Yesterday I downloaded the emulator from palmones developers page.

    Now my problem: it starts up w/o problems, I can choose the language with the up/down buttons, but I have tried EVERY key, I cannot select (center click on 5 way-nav) the language (clicking on the screen does not work either)

    The filename of the emulator is:

    Any suggestions?

    Regards, Hugo
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    Programming is fun.

    Starting programming, programming simple is more fun/less frustrating than programming complex.

    The "Hello world" program - any language - is always satisfying to get that very first program under your belt.

    Graphics programs - like using windows, etc. - tend to be MUCH MUCH more complex than, say, commandline-oriented simple-I/O ones. Stick to simple I/O first - spit out a bunch of numbers, do rot-13 encryption, whatever. Don't try to do pretty pictures. Move up in complexity - like, say, sorting. Then make the sorting more interesting by sorting on a field in a structure. And so on and so on.


    Having said all that - "my" very first program was copying a "damped sine wave printing" program from McCraken's (sp?) Fortran manual and getting it to compile, load, and run on a Univac 1108 (no small feat for a complete novice!) - more than 30 years ago. Input some parameters and it, line by line, printed out a damped sine wave on a teletype...coincided nicely with the study of harmonic motion we were doing in Physics at the time.


    I do.

    (vocation, avocation, education - I got hooked with that Fortran manual and never looked back - ended up majoring in Computer Science rather than Physics)
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    Originally posted by hugo

    Now my problem: it starts up w/o problems, I can choose the language with the up/down buttons, but I have tried EVERY key, I cannot select (center click on 5 way-nav) the language (clicking on the screen does not work either)
    The center key is the HOME key.
    I have the world in my Palm
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    Where do I find the equivalent of the Home key on my PC keyboard to use it for the emulator?

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