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    Well, which to pick?

    Handspring Treo 600 Pros:
    Palm 5
    SD-card slot
    Nice control stick and software

    Samsung SGH i500:
    Small, clam-shell design
    (but Palm 4, no keyboard, no camera, no expansion)

    You see, I have a Treo 300 already. So really, the i500 is just like the Treo 300 except much smaller and without a keyboard.

    I think the small clamshell design of the i500 just might OUTWEIGH everything the Treo 600 has:

    1) I really don't do that much email or instant chatting on my Treo 300, and I used to be really good at graffiti. I think I could do email with Graffiti... I have a friend with the Kyocera palm flip-phone who does plenty of SnapperMail emailing.

    2) The camera I heard is crappy, so I don't need that (probably need to buy a good digital camera anyways).

    3) SD-card slot would be great for MP3's. But I've decided to buy an iPod anyways, especially now iTunes is available for Windows (thank goodness no more buggy MusicMatch or WinAmp 3.x)

    4) Palm 5: well, I don't know really any software that takes advantage of Palm 5 yet. Plus, the Treo 600 has 160x160 resolution which probably makes it difficult to take advantage of cool, hi-resolution Palm 5 programs.

    Basically, the only thing I could lose by going with the i500 is the Handspring software that I've grown accustomed to. I also heard the control stick is very well implemented.

    So the question boils down to: how crappy is the Samsung i500 software? I've decided that _I_ don't need a camera, keyboard, or expansion... but I do need good, intuitive software. I've read a lot about the Treo 600 software, but don't know anything about the i500. I've played with a mock i500 in the Spring store without software. I still haven't held a Treo 600.

    What do you guys think? I realize most people here probably love the Treo (and I do really really like my Treo 300), but would like to hear other people's experiences with either the Treo 600 or the i500.
    Alice Linden
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    Check out the website, specifically the SPH-I500 forum. That's where you'll find the most comprehensive info on all things I500.
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    You need to try the Treo 600 for more than a few minutes. Even if you are a fan of the i500, you will quickly realize that the tight integration of the 5 way pad almost outweights everything else. No stylus.
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    I actually had the i500 for the last 5 weeks or so because of the urgency of a broken T300. The i500 brought me back to the pre-T300 days of the old Kyocera 6035, albeit a million times smaller (wow, 3 model numbers in one sentence!) I liked the tiny flip but think that the lack of external called ID was an engineering mistake. And, needless to say, as a very heavy e-mail user, I can't get close to the speed of QWERTY input with graffiti. I know I must be a total wuss, but massive amounts of e-mail kills my wrist.

    Lastly, I would have bet that I would have never used the camera and that anyone who did was odd. Yesterday alone I took four pictures just as a joke, culminating with one of Don King as he randomly popped into a Washington, DC French restaurant. While the quality was predictably lousy (all you could really make out was Don King's shirt and his signature white hair), it was actually kind of cool.

    Anyway, I just sold the i500 on eBay for exactly what I paid for it and love the T600.

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