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    Is there any way to set up photo caller IDs for people not in the Favorites shortcut list? Having only 50 people to assign photos or ringers to is very limiting.

    How about a way to set a photo to an entire category of people so everyone who calls me from CompanyX gets CompanyX's logo displayed on the screen?

    Those 50 buttons in the favorites seem to be very limiting once I start filling them with contacts and applications.
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    I am waiting for TC Ringer to do ringtones by GROUP or ANY individual in the contact list.

    I already asked PDAAPPS if they will make a TreoPICTRECALLERID That is compatible with the 600 and lets you assign a picture to ANY number... and a picture from the SPrint Picture database (same as the favorites).

    They said this is NOT on the drawing board as of yet.

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    Coincidentally, I wrote to PDAapps last week asking if they would consider doing this. Here's their response:

    "...the market of people who would want a PictureCallerID capability beyond what is already available [on Treo600] is so small that you are probably not going to see a Treo600 compatible PictureCallerID application from us.


    I suggest that anyone interested in this capability write to PDAapps at and express your interest! Maybe enough people will be interested in it and they will develop it.
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    My email to them is off!
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    Mine as well - I'd encourage others to do the same
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    How much would people pay for it is the second question?

    I think it is worth $15 USD to me.
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    I'd be happy to pay $30, especially if you were able to assign a standard picture ID to a specific group/category as well (as kamalot suggested).

    If you haven't already done so, please let the good folks at PDAApps know that you'd be interested in a full picture ID application for the Treo600:
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    Emailed them.

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    Email composed and sent.

    I would not hesitate to pay up to $30 for such an utility.
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    Email composed and sent.

    I would not hesitate to pay up to $30 for such an utility.
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    I would happily pay $30 if the new software not only extended the pre-existing capabilities of the phone, but enhanced them in some way.

    An example would be, if the new software could also rotate the phone wallpaper by rendomly selecting an image from a specified category.

    Another example would be if the photo-caller ID could play a slideshow of images or an animated GIF, rather than a single picture. With this, you could take a few pictures of your friend and this program could lump them together and play them in rapid succession, much like a flip-book animation.

    If it will only allow me to extend the number of people I can attach an image to for caller-id, I would be more likely to pay around $15.

    I just spent $15 on MMPlayer. That program plays DivX movies on the Treo 600, something the phone had NO capability of doing straight out of the box.
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    Not exactly what you guys want, but a workaround.

    Needs an SD card.

    Create two or more directories on your SD Card, e.g. called


    Use the application to backup your 'favorites' to the first directory using the 'Backup Treo Faves here' menu.

    Then modify your favorites screen to get your 2nd bank of favorites.

    Backup once again to the next directory.

    Continue until you have got a different favorites backup for each directory.

    You can then quickly switch favorites profiles by navigating to the directory and choosing the 'Restore Treo Faves from' menu.

    I wrote this v. quickly this morning so shortcuts and 5 way nav doesn't work, and it might be buggy as hell, so use at your own risk.
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    If anyone is working on a proper app to have more than 50 picture caller IDs, can you please put the Answer button in a different position to the Handspring 'Hang Up' button.

    If you are a bit klutzy it's easy to hit answer twice, thereby hitting the hang up button on the next screen!
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    I have a better idea. How about an app does Video ringtones for the Treo600 like the Psiloc Vision for Series 60 phones?! That would be damned cool IMO...

    But, a normal photo caller ID would be nice too!
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    Still no d-pad support, but at least it's got an icon and a few more functions!

    My updated backup utility.
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