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    Here is my problem: my BC Personal Edition only works about 20% of the time. The odd thing is, the BC icon stays green (Connected) all the time. This has been happening for months now and Sprint tech support can not figure it out. When this occurs, my e-mail is unaccessible from both my T300 and the PC web interface. This leads me to believe there is a problem with my computer/firewall. I've installed the 6.0 update and it hasn't helped. My BC accesses my Yahoo! account without a problem.

    I'm using Windows 2000, Lotus R5 (Domino server). I've entered all of the proxy settings, etc that are available in the BC settings.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    It sounds like your problem has been around a while. Proxy servers are fairly notorious for causing problems intermittently. When you access via the web interface do you get a specific error... if so cut and paste it here to see if others can help or see a similarity.
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    Here's my error:

    PCS Business Connection cannot connect to your desktop.
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    I had the same error and had to go to settings at the website to re-download the software.

    My original installation was done through the automated update feature within Business Connection on the desktop.
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    My BC PE says I can't connect to the corporate server. Anyone have an idea to fix?

    TIA ... Tom
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    NBP - our symptom may indicate the BC Desktop client may be crashing and then restarting. - sometimes so quickly you do not notice... but this will cause the sync to fail if it is progress when this happens.

    To verify this do the following.

    1. Disconnect the Desktop Client
    2. Go to the "Sprint/PCS Business Connection" Directory and rename slingshot.log to slingshot.old... this is just the log file used by the BC Desktop.
    3. Restart the Desktop Client
    4. Sync your Treo 600 or 300 - whatever you have
    5. Go open up your slingshot.log file and look for something like the following:

    Wed Oct 22 17:15:52 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005
    Wed Oct 22 17:15:59 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): (01): 0x007800230c strlen

    If you see this then this indicates your desktop client crashed and if it does this during a sync that aborts the sync on the device .

    There could be a number of things causing this so if you post the lines above if you find it then I might be able to help.. but no promises. :-) The reason I had you start with a fresh log file is to get a clean run of the problem... it should be about 20-25 lines at the point you have the problem making it easer to debug and avoid clutter. Post the lines of the file if you want as this method only produces 20-25 lines if your problem is reproducible every time.

    There have been reports of certain email causing the crash and the sync aborting.. I forget the thread so that is why it could be intermittent but this is just one theory and until the log file is examined it will be tough to narrow down.
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    Bhart - Are you saying that doing the raw install after the upgrade did not work seemed to solve the problem? An interesting data point if that is the case.

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