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    Did she mention any upgrade program for Treo270 owners?
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    Originally posted by stephman

    The dates from the link you posted have changed a few times already in the past couple of weeks. So I wouldn't count that links info as the end all and be all for the GSM release date.
    Don't get me wrong, I'd love for that date to be correct.
    Yes, I know. 10/14 and 11/30 are dates that I remember. The status of my order has flipped a couple of times too. They have been very accomodating to HS and to me.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    Tick, tock, while the crowd is arguing if GSM is late or not, motorola mpx200 starts selling at amazon for $149 with contract.

    boy this is going to be ugly. And nagel says they controls 70-75%
    Did you buy one purple if it's so great? Let us know how it is. Or if you have a better smartphone that you actually USE, let us know...
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    I don't mean to be a party pooper, but debating over when it is going to be available isn't going to speed things up. It will be available when it is available, and not a day sooner. Please, just be patient or switch to Sprint if you can't.

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