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    Anyone know how to get access to your office calendar on the treo 300 through business connection? supposedly you can do this with the bizconn upgrade.
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    If you use the browser on the Treo 300 to access Bus Connect, there is a link to your calendar. At least there is on mine.
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    My treo just goes to buisiness connect when I press the mail button. how do you use the browser to get there?
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    You can also check mail using the browser, where there are links for mail, contacts, and calendar. My browser page is bookmarked to remember my password, but I think the starting point is

    Try accessing that from the browser on your Treo and put in your password etc.

    Accessing mail from the browser also seems to allow access to a number of my Outlook mail folders that aren't accessible using the Bus Connect mail application button.

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