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    I have done a little searching, but need input from those of you that are using rippers to convert cd's to mp3. Any suggestions of any good ones that you might have tried? Pocket tunes works fine with my new 256 MB memory card, but want to load some music from my cd's.
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    do another search,,,,theres numerous amounts of threads...

    musicmatch is great for that purpose only...the only reason i got it was for MP3 conversions.
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    i think the best one out there is Apple's iTunes. now even available for the lowly PC user! It's a free download and it rips/downloads/burns.
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    I like Musicmatch as well... I'd originally gotten it just for ripping but ended up using it for the player and other functions as well. PC Magazine has given it their "editor's choice" a bunch of times so I'm sure they have some in-depth reviews of it on their site somewhere.

    You can download the software from

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