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    Ok, not to beat up on iLinx yet again for not updating Xiino, but I actually backed up everything to a card and decided to try the darn thing, instead of just taking everyone's word for it that it doesn't work. (I had also tried it on the emulator, where it crashes upon loading).


    It works... sort of... You can get the first page to pull up... FAST!!!!! I think the second page load is what makes it crash. But my oh my how that first page loads up. It TRULY leaves Blazer 3 in the dust. THIS is the comparison that I was looking for all this time. Sure, Blazer 3 on the 600 fares well compared to Xiino on the 300, but how would it compare to Xiino on the same OS 5 processor? I think I just found out.

    It was literally a matter of mere seconds to get that first page up, without images. This just makes me wish for an updated Xiino even more... Perhaps if we fill up their mailbox, we can get some results.

    With the right updates, an OS5 Xiino would leave very little to be desired...
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    I agree .. I cannot stand how slow Blazer is. And WHY does it have to redraw the frigging page even when it should obviously be in the cache??
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    Then PLEASE send ILinx an email. I truly believe that the OS5 smartphone is going to force them to open their eyes on the a,
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    How long has Palm OS 5 been out? I thought it had been quite awhile....surprising that they haven't come up with an update yet.

    Are there any other browser options? I used to use Eudora Web with my T300, but it didn't work for me on the Treo 600 because most of what I do is read Google Groups, and it doesn't allow me to enter any text into the search field!!
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    Originally posted by skfny
    Then PLEASE send ILinx an email. I truly believe that the OS5 smartphone is going to force them to open their eyes on the a,
    I just sent them an email, but since they already have a disclaimer on their website about it not working with OS5, I have my doubts as to the impact it will have ....
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    OS5 has been out for a year, but the OS5 smartphone is a few weeks old. This should generate a new market for iLinx, if they decide to capitalize. B3 is good, but Xiino is excellent. Other options include PocketLink, iPanel, AvantGo, and perhaps some others, each with their strengths and weaknesses.
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    Thanks, itsyvonne. I read the disclaimer, but the Japanese version seems to have active development, meaning there's someone there to plead our case with. Like I said, it'd be a shame if they didn't capitalize on this newly emerging market. Let's hope.
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    Good try, skfny.

    I've said many times in this forum: without Xiino, WWW on PDAs is a joke. I've tried almost all other browsers including those on PPCs and nothing is close. I'll be living with my Treo 300 until Xiino runs on OS5; or I'll switch to BT phone + WinCE.Net 4.1 (they run Internet Explorer 5.5). No matter how good Treo 600 is, without Xiino, I have no use of it.

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