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    Is there a backup program that lets you back up the settings and preferences of your Treo 600 and its programs? I do not need data backup.

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    Not sure if it's what you want but check out SyncAll. Once installed, there's nothing to do. It causes Hot Sync to create a 100% backup of your PDA on your computer. You can do a Hard Reset on your Treo, Hot Sync with your computer and everthing is re-installed perfectly. I use it and love it.
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    From what I can see this program syncs data, not settings and preferences. Any other ideas?

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    Use Filez. Set those individual files' backup bit to on.
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    It backups up settings and preferences as far as I can tell. I never noticed that it didn't in the past with my 300 and I just did a hard reset and a Sync to check again with my 600 and all my settings and preferences were maintained.
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    Originally posted by toddbe
    From what I can see this program syncs data, not settings and preferences. Any other ideas?

    Most settings and prefs are saved in a data file called "Saved Preferences". I've used FileZ to set the backup bit (which is what SyncAll appears to do), and have had no problems recovering from a hard reset.
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    I'm working on a Treo 600 specific app to backup to an SD/MMC card.

    At the moment it just backs up your favourites.
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    hey prefs people:

    I think I need to delete my saved prefs file, due to a possible corruption. Is that safe to do? I can see it, in Filez, and wonder what the impcat is deleting it.

    Let me know if I'm going to kill my 600 - thanks.
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    If you delete Saved Preferences you will lose your custom settings in most programs. You will also have to re-enter any registration codes as these are usually stored here.

    A safer alternative would be to use PrefEd which will let you delete individual preference files.

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    FileZ does allow you to delete individual Prefs. Just click on View Preferences. Only thing is, it doesn't associate Prefs of apps on the SD card to those apps. So be careful.

    Otherwise, I like to use SysTool which can match Prefs to apps on the SD.

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