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    Just bought and tried a PALM app that come pre-loaded on a SD card (or so it said). It was a Rand McNally road atlas. Didn't work. Kept making the 600 reset. So back it went. I noticed that while the card was the same size and shape as the SD cards described for the 600, it did not have the notches on the side, nor did any of the other apps on the rack.

    I am sure I missed the thread but if anyone can educate me that would be great.


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    Looks like a little research answered my own question. It appears that the pre-burned app I wanted was burned on a Smart Media card, not SD (even thought he package said it was).

    So, question now is... Will Smart Media apps work for us 600 owners and if not, does anyone know of a site with these apps on SD? Maybe I just had a bad burn on this app?
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    It may ahve been that the Application you were trying to run was not compatable with the Treo 600.

    There can be a number of reasons for this, it could be due to the fact that the Treo 600 is the only OS 5 device with a 160x160 screen rather than a 160x160 screen. Some developers assumed all OS 5 devices would be high density.

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