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    Sadly, the lack of communication from HS puts us all on our toes. It would be so simple to just release status.

    Like most of you whom have been waiting for the 600 GSM for months I am eagerly awaiting for my phone. To say that we are being impatient would be wrong too, because its HS that created our anticipation by releasing information (by email and web) that the 600 would be out by now. Its understandable that there could be problems with the phone, which are stalling the release, but since Orange is selling them in Europe I doubt this is the situation. Either way, since they built up our anticipation, the should give us status.

    I believe this is a pure missmangment of channel sales. Whomever is handling channel sales at HS should be fired.

    Anyway, I realize this post is a little redundant, but I had to vent.
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    if yu're tired of hitting refresh....maybe the F5 key would be better?
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