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    I've uninstalled everything off my pc and treo 300, installed the version 6 for desktop and palm.

    Once installed, I can get to the site with my desktop and blazer. However, the biz conn app on my treo isn't working. After registering it gives me the error message, "Cannot connect to desktop. Please check your desktop and try again."

    Anyone else had rhis problem? The sprint tier 2 guy was nice and all but couldn't help me other than to refer the problem to the application tech's.
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    bhart......It could be a lot of things but some fundamental questions usually are:

    1. Which mail server you are using and what version?
    2. Are you using a proxy server? Proxy servers are sometimes the cause of a number of people's problems.
    3. And the obvious of course is have you checked all your credentials on the desktop client?
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    I've been running Business Connect prior to the upgrade without a problem. The desktop client was set to automatically detect the proxy settings and did without a problem.

    I'm on an Exchange Server with Outlook as my e-mail program.

    Again, no problem prior to the upgrade. I installed and used all the credentials as, it doesn't work.
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    I had a similiar problem with my PE, and I found the cause was a crazy e-mail I had received with some non-ascii characters. I deletede this e-mail and everything was fine.
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    I have a similar problem (below). I even did a hard reset, and redownloaded the BC software, it still does not work with IMAP over SSL, and IMAP. I have yet to test other accounts. Very frustating, only reason I care is for the push. But, maybe TreoHelper can assist via SMS alerts, to pull with SnapperMail. Oh, what a waste of time.

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    bhart - Can you clarify the following:

    1. You are able to see your emails fine via Webmail and Blazer.

    2. You can never see them via your Treo 300 as it always gives you the "Cannot connect to desktop. Please check your desktop and try again." but yet the Desktop Icon remains green?

    If this is the case then something ois likely causing your BC Desktop client to crash which can be caused by a number of things including an unusual email in the Inbox that Ceileachair mentioned. So know it would be good to look at the slingshot log... the key to a lot of diagnostics... here is what you do to see if indeed your desktop client is crashing during the device sync.

    To verify this do the following.

    1. Disconnect the Desktop Client
    2. Go to the "Sprint/PCS Business Connection" Directory and rename slingshot.log to slingshot.old... this is just the log file used by the BC Desktop.
    3. Restart the Desktop Client
    4. Sync your Treo 300
    5. Go open up your slingshot.log file and look for something like the following the key being the *** Exiting line and what surrounds it.

    Wed Oct 22 17:15:52 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): *** Exiting error : 0x00c0000005
    Wed Oct 22 17:15:59 PDT 2003 (2888-2436): (01): 0x007800230c strlen

    If you see this then this indicates your desktop client crashed and if it does this during a sync that aborts the sync on the device .

    There could be a number of things causing this so if you post the lines above that if you find it then I might be able to help.. but no promises. :-) The reason I had you start with a fresh log file is to get a clean run of the problem... it should be about 20-25 lines at the point you have the problem making it easer to debug and avoid clutter. You could post the lines here too as the only thing sensitive is the first line that has the IP address so mask that out.

    This scenario was the same thing I suggested to bSerbin in his post and is a general debugging technique passed on by a tribe of ancient BC Doctors! :-)

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