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    I'm trying to visit:

    I get the following error :

    The File tpye you are attempting to download is not supported on your device


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    same problem. Then again, that's the message i get when i try and download jpegs from biz connect and no one, not even sprint seems to know how to fix it.
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    What IS that site? It doesn't even come up on IE.
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    About Yes Networks, Inc.

    YES is the world’s leading interactive media solution, a way to transform the passions and interests of listeners and viewers into action, response and commerce. More than 1,000 top radio stations in over 100 US markets are now YES-enabled through Simply say YES and listeners across the country can use the service to identify the song playing on these radio stations and then buy the CD, concert tickets or other merchandise via YES from top online merchants including Amazon, e-Bay, and other merchant partners. YES is accessible via voice-activated phone services, radio station and personal websites, and Wireless Web-enabled devices. YES Networks is a privately held company with U.S. offices in suburban Philadelphia, PA.

    They have a mobile version of the site: "" that was designed for WAP-enabled phones.

    Just drop the "wap" from the name: and you can open the site.
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    There is something odd about this page - the content is hdml and it tries to download a .jsp file. I looks like some funky WAP page with little compatibility.

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