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    I installed the OS5 version of AvantGo. However, it seems to act like I have a 320x320 screen perhaps. In the main view list of all my channels, everything is shoved to the left half of the screen in a tiny, unreadable font. On individual channels, some fonts are tiny and others are ok. Overall it makes it mostly unusable. Anyone know the fix for this. Will the older version work and install on the T600? I use AG everyday and will miss it greatly if I can't get it to work since I can't surf live 90% of the way on BART or MUNI in San Francisco.
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    I'm having the same problem. Any solutions?
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    I had the same problem...

    Solution was to uninstall the desktop client as well, and get the latest software from the website.

    Hope that helps.
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    Did you download the specific OS5 version? I just downloaded a week ago. Has it changed again?
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    I have version 5.3 build 66 and it works just fine. I did a clean install (i.e., deleted Treo 300 version first).
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    I don't know how, but I reinstalled the PC version at work. Have mac at home. Seems to work correctly now, although some site which use a smaller font are hard to read, but still readable.
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    Since I am on a Mac, I'm hindered to begin with as far as Avantgo goes. However as you all already know, the Wireless ability makes it possible for me to enjoy the software.
    However, I've installed and reinstalled the most recent version (5.2) of the Avantgo software located at the link mentioned above and still have screen text that is too small to read. (ex. AccuWeather)
    I may perhaps be just be missing some part of the above instruction but could someone send me all the .PRC files from a working PC installation? I'd really appreciate it!

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    Not sure how this would work for Mac users, but in Windows land the trick with the T600 is NOT to download the wireless only version but to get the latest Windows client for Palm OS5. Activate wireless on your account and then (if you wish) set the Avantgo conduit to "do nothing" on your desktop. Complete sync and all wireless features work fine.

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