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    I've been checking Amazon for a while. Today was the first day that a search for "Treo 600" gave me any results. It says "This item is not stocked or has been discontinued." which is what they had for about a week before they started selling the Treo 180.

    Not sure if this will work:

    I was waiting for Amazon to sell it b/c it's usually a good deal after all the manufacturer, carrier and Amazon rebates.

    Mine T600 is supposed to arrive today, but if Amazon has a better deal than the upgrade within my 30 day trial period, I may do a swap.

    If anyone else has info or insight into and Sprint, please post it.
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    It would be awesome to see if Amazon plans on some sort of Treo 600 upgrade program ($100 off?) for current Treo (180, 270, and 300) users, making the purchase (in theory) $299. It's a pipe dream, yes, but who knows?

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    Looks like things have changed. Now Amazon has priced the T600 at $599:
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    Amazon has put up a new roster of phone rebates as of today. The Treo 600 (Sprint PCS) is there for $599 with a $200 rebate!
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    Same price as our store:

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    Maybe I should return mine to Best Buy and order from Amazon.
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    Return to Best Buy and buy from TreoCental. Same price and you sup[port the site too
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    If you are an existing customer and plan to replace an existing phone it is $650! sheesh
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    I realize treocentral offers a $50 rebate, and I would love to support them, but unless I'm wrong... Amazon is offering a $200 rebate and then you can get the $150 off for a new customer to Sprint. That would make it in the $250 range. If I'm wrong, please let me know.
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    I'm not sure, the $599 is with activation - which would suggest that the $150 is already included in the cost, otherwise you could buy it for $599 without activation.
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