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    I'm in the SF Bay Area and have heard that some Treo300 owners have exchangeed their defective 300s at a Sprint PCS store and walked out with a new one on the spot. I do not have SprintPCS insurance on the phone; but, it is under warranty and I'm increasingly having a problem with hearing the other party using the flip top speaker.

    Is their a store in the area in which the likelyhood of receiving a new phone on the spot would be increased? Thanks for any advice.
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    I can't believe you don't have your own theory about this.......


    I'm not in SF, but when my display went bad on my Treo, I was within the 1st year, and I had originally purchased my Treo from the local Sprint PCS store. They exchanged my defective Treo on the spot and I walked out with a brand new one right out of the box.
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    My site has a Sprint Store Ratings Tracker. It's great, because there really are stores out there that will swap phones out simply based on your word (with new, non-refurbished units at that).

    And there are some stores that refuse to replace phones even if they come back defective (those are almost always not directly owned by Sprint - that info is tracked too). - Complete Wireless Industry Coverage

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