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    I know that the CDMA Treo 600 won't do voice and data at the same time, but will the GSM version given that it can use GSM for voice and GPRS for data?

    This seems like a major advantage if it would work as, it would be a pain to have to stay off the Internet connection while _waiting_ for a call -- that's what the Internet is best for IMO.
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    Yes, you can receive a voice call while browsing the web with the GSM version, it will not go straight to voicemail like the CDMA.
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    I should mention, the CDMA version will send you to voicemail only if you call during an active Internet session. Active is defined as data moving back and forth, such as a Web page being downloaded. Connections go inactive after 20 seconds. So if I click to download a page, and it takes 10 seconds to download, I can't receive voice calls for a total of 30 seconds - not the whole time I'm reading the Web page or in the application.

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