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    I am having a bad time with Blazer 3.0. While I like the increase in speed and other new features in 3.0, some other aspects of it of it stinks. I use the yahoo portal to access my e-mail with yahoo and juno. Here are some of the problems I am having:

    1. To reply to an email in yahoo using web/blazer 3.0 I click the reply button and start to enter my reply using the keyboard. I then have a need to go to memo to copy some text to paste into my reply. To do this I have to exit the web/blazer and open memo, do a copy, go back to web/ blazer and do a paste. However, when I'm back in blazer the text I just entered via the keyboard is gone! This is nuts! I was able to do this in the Treo 300 with no problems. Is there a way around this? Another problem (although unrelated to Blazer) is that the clipboard for memo is only 971 bytes while the memo max size is 4 k bytes. It is not possible to copy a memo greater than 971 bytes. When you try, you will get the message "clipboard limit exceeded".

    2. In Blazer 3.0, the back button does not always back up to the previous page. Sometimes the backspace key causes blazer to go into "redrawing" with a blank screen forever. I have to exit blazer to reset it.

    3. Clicking a link in Blazer 3.0 does not always open up the link. Sometimes it just highlights the link. Clicking it again sometimes makes the link red but does not open the link. Usually by the 3rd click the link eventually opens.

    The above problems gives a less than pleasant web experience and is a waste of my time. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me? I've done a hard reset and the problem still exists.
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    While I must admit that Blazer is a lot better than I had originally feared, it does have problems, instability (

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