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    I am in complete love with the Treo 600! I have been eagerly awaiting the GSM version and recently turned some friends who had Treo 300's onto the deal that handspring has with the upgrade plan. Well they ordered them and he brought his to church yesterday! Oh my gosh, you really don't know how amazing the form factor is until you actually hold one of these babies in your hand. In my oppinion, there is none like it out there, and I am tempted by every minute that passes to switch to sprint. You sprint guys are lucky, and please show mercy on us GSM awaiters as we are struggling to survive until they become availiable............

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    Bakerman your patience will pay off. I have the Sprint T600 and it's great, but everything isn't working yet.
    1. We have to wait until November to get SMS working fully
    2. We have to wait until next April to get a car kit that's compatible with the Sprint T600
    3. We have to wait ten years to realize we got cancer from the CDMA radio (earpiece bulge)
    4. We are subject to all of Sprints attempts to suck more money out of us (e.g. picture mail, Biz Connect, etc..)

    There will be work arounds for most of these things, but I feel there will be a lot more flexibility with the GSM/GPRS version.

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