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    Where do I download this? When I'm on the Business Connection Personal site it only shows a client for the Treo 300. Wasn't there an update this weekend?
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    Yes, they just don't list the 600 as a valid client. The palm client should say Version and the desktop client should say Version

    It works fine, however, I'm dissappointed.

    No calendar notification accept/decline functionality
    The same old battery draining sync (in my opinioin)
    No active web links or phone numbers for blazer/dialer
    New Attachment support is marginal at best
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    Another problem that I am having with it is a serious delay (at best) on the notifications of a new email.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I verified my alert settings and the way I have this thing configured, it should update me like DEFCON 5 if I get a new email...still, nothing for hours!
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