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    Anyone else have problems with the Treo 600 locking up. And it's not always in the same spot. This morning it locked up once an appointment reminder came up.

    As far as third party apps, about the only one I am running is snappermail and it is NOT set to auto deliver. I've also got installed ptunes.
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    I've had my T600 for about a week and have not had to do one reset yet. (knock on wood)
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    No problems here either.

    I suggest that you have migrated software from a 300 or 270 or 180 which should not be on the 600. The installer quarantine program is not effective in all cases.

    Given the type of crash you have, I bet you had a ringer application installed on your old 300 such as TC RInger or Ringo. Delete the MIDI Ringtone file using the delete command from the Launcher. The Treo is probably choking on the old format MIDI file from your 300.

    Otherwise hard reset the Treo. Then clear out the Backup folder inside you user folder moving the files to a safe place. Then hotsync and only re-install those files that you know you need afterwards from the old files. Dont include anything like ringtone managers, caller ID, hacks, pqas, keyboard modifiers, special Treo apps.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I did migrate from 300 to 600 but didn't have any ringer type apps.

    I am going to do the hardreset thing and just install from scratch.

    We'll see how it goes.

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