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    I have no coverage when I am at home. When I drive out of my neighborhood, I must turn the wirless button off and the restart it to get the signal. Why? Is there a way around this? Thanks!
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    can someone help with this problem? thanks!
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    I have this same problem with my 270. It says no service and I cant make a phone call.

    I turn is off, and then on.... and I get a bar of service and can make phone calls just fine. Its really annoying.
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    I have the very same issue on my Treo 300
    I couldn't find a workaround it!
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    My 270 too...
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    If we are all having that problem, is there a fix? My verizon 7135 does not do that. When I go from no service to an area with service,it just works.
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    FWIW, I remember having a problem like this when I had my Samsung i300. On my way home I drove over a mountain where I'd lose my signal. When I got to the bottom of the mountain, it would take forever to get the signal again but I could expedite this by turning off the phone and then turning it on again. I remember that my Treo 300 seemed far better at regaining the signal quickly, but I wonder if this might be the same problem you're having. Have you ever tried waiting a long time to see if it eventually gets the signal? I'm curious if it's a matter of it not getting a signal at all in this scenario or just that it takes a really long time to do it. Either way, I probably can't help you though.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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