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    In an earlier thread about the BC6 upgrade, both Richard9994 and I cited a problem with logging into the Biz Con web interface from the T600.

    Now that I've upgraded both my PC and Palm Biz Con clients (I'm a personal edition user, not an enterprise user) to version 6, the problem logging into Blazer remains. When I use Blazer to surf to the login screen, it shows up fine. However, when I type in my credentials and submit them, the result is the same login screen being redrawn!

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    Despite having the upgrade, it is still important to be able to log into the web interface as it appears to be the only way to get to Inbox subfolders and other mail folders at the same level as the Inbox.
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    are you still having any problem with this? Mine has been working fine this morning....
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    I think this is related to a Handspring thing- just to be sure, are you getting this on a Treo 600 or a Treo 300?
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    Yes, I'm still having problems with this. I have a Treo 600. Any ideas?
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    I think this is more widespread than either handspring or Sprint realizes. I've had my Treo 600 (Sprint/CDMA) for a few days, so has my brother-in-law, and we both have the same problem.

    Using Blazer, start at the PCS Vision home screen, navigate down to PCSMail, you'll see your inbox, tap the link, prompted for authentication, and then you're back to the inbox screen (the one that has 10-11 choices on it, not the actual inbox listing of emails). The same type of error happens if you navigate down to the Short Mail Service - I can see the page that lists the inbox, compose, etc, but tap any link and get an authentication prompt.

    There is one thing that is also odd about the Blazer cookies which might be related to this. The cookies cache always seems to be zero bytes, even after several megabytes of downloading and surfing. (Blazer -> Menu -> Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Memory Management -> Cookies.) I am not sure how Sprint has implemented the PCS Mail notion of who you are, but cookies stored on your phone would certainly be a logical way, wouldn't it?

    This is why I'm not sure that the authentication issue is with the Sprint website or with the browser on the phone.
    Doug Blair

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