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    Has anyone tried the Radio Shack inline adaptor #274-373 (or some other model) who can indicate their results. My use of the 600 to play mp3's will be fairly limited, but I would like to get an adaptor. If the only choice is to order from HS, I will - but that is pretty expensive with shipping. If the RS adaptor works, at $3.99 plus tax I would go that route.

    If no responses here, I guess I'll try one and see and post the results myself. I just hate returning stuff to RS - they always seem to act like its a huge burden at the local store.
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    I was at RS the other day getting something else and asked the guy if he had something that would fit the bill. He said he did not, so I ended up ordering off the HS site. Yeah, the (USPS) shipping was as much as the adapter, but I wanted to be sure I got the right thing. For $5, HS should have included this in the box.
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    I can confirm, by actual trial, that the Radio Shack adaptor does NOT work. Don't know why exactly. It does not fit well against the treo's shell either. Remove it and replace with the HS adaptor and all is well. Returned it.

    I can add that the Irock adaptor to play the mp3s on your car radio works great with the T600 though.

    James Thorne
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    Thanks - saved me the trouble of going to RS. I guess I'll order from HS. You are right - this absolutely should have been included!!

    I did not order it with the Treo as I did not want anything to delay the unit being shipped. Good thing as I ordered Wed. am and received my Treo on Friday afternoon :-)
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    The radio Shack adapter worked for me. I had to trim some of the plastic to get it to fit. Its not pretty but it did work for me.

    I posted on another thread the model number I used.
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    Radio shack adapter worked for me also.
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    Just got it. Model # 2740373 for $3.99. I trimmed off some of the plastic with an xacto knife. Took a minute to do and now it fits snugly and works well. It is straight though, not at right angles like the HS one.

    Also picked up a pair of retractable ear buds for $19.99 that seem to work well and have good response (#330129)

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