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    How do you find moving from a hi res screen to the low res Treo screen - does it bother you.
    How do the two keyboards compare - between C and Treo.
    Any other comparison thoughts?
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    That would be me (much to the disapproval of my wife at first.. now she has a treo 600 on the way!)

    -Screen. Initially I was planning on keeping my TC to read ebooks etc on it, but I am no longer going to do this for two reasons. The first is that the screen on the t600 is quite adiquate for reading, and it is really easy to scroll through books (and easier to hold). The second reason is that every time I look at the T|C screen now, I come close to tears because it is so beautiful compared to the T600 (4x resolution difference and all that).
    -The Treo keybaord felt very weird since the keys are raised somewhat. Also the fact that the keybaord is much smaller (well, the entire device is smaller all in all). I have gotten used to it now and everything seems fine. The only thing I really miss is the hold-for-caps function. That was brilliant on the T|C.

    All in all the T600 is a great successor to my T|C :-)

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