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    I found a great app for the T600 (Today 1.8) and it was working great until it made my T600 restart in a constant loop until I had to do a hard reset.

    I used to be able to toggle between the dial pad and Today 1.8 desktop by simply hitting the phone button (two buttons to the left of the 5 way pad) which was very convenient. Problem is that after I did the hard reset and Hotsync'ed everything back onto my T600 the toggling b/t the Dial pad and Today 1.8 app no longer work. Today 1.8 stays no matter what. Can anyone tell me what I did differently?
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    ya... i know how to fix that... but only if you have a decent launcher installed that will let you erase the application prefs only... once you remove your prefs, it can start fresh, and will work just fine after that.... i use zlauncher so i can tell you for sure that will work.. you just tap and hold on the today icon and then tap on trash bin on the popup menu.. then when the dialog box comes up, only have the box checked to erase the application prefs, and then it will delete them.. then start today up and it should work...

    it works well for a lot of apps that have the same problem of just rebooting the phone cause you probs used to own a 300 right? so they all had prefs with 300 settings...

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