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    Some time today, I stopped receiving an SMS from Sprint when e-mail arrived. Since this is the closest I come to a 'push' feature, it's rather upsetting.
    Has anyone else experienced this? I'm in Westchester (NY).
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    same problem here in Cal..
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    here too in socal!!
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    It's running about 3 -4 hours behind here in St. Louis. This on top of my Treo 300 decidding not to turn the backrough light off today is really pushing my limits. Gee I can't wait to get my refurb unit in the mail. I've only had this for 3 months and had no problems up to now. I know these two issues have nothing to do with eachother but I'm just venting. Good thing for $35 I can just throw it at the wall hehe.
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    SMS is now back, 7:30, EDT
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    Here in Honolulu, Hi - the Sprint system was completely down. Gosh, how much we depend on these things.

    Originally posted by neill
    SMS is now back, 7:30, EDT

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