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    After all the waiting and anticipation, I have a 600 and I spent the weekend playing with it and setting it up. So much has been said about this but I feel that I must give my opinion although it might be redundant.

    Seeing, holding and using this device was well beyond my expectations, and I am someone who knew EVERYTHING there was to know about it and had seen every picture that made it out up to last Friday when I got mine. It's incredibly elegant, sleek and packs so much power in such a small package that it is just amazing.

    Sure the screen resolution was disappointing at first and the keyboard felt too cramped, but the more I used it the more I fell in love with it. These concernes have now disappeared. The screen is so bright and clear (and I have used it at minimum brightness so far) that it is just a delight. I'm getting the hang of the keyboard and I'm typing at speeds close to what I did on my 270.

    I think this device is so elegant- and sleek-looking that those concerned too much with the looks of their phones might buy it just for that!! This is quite the contrary to what plagued previous Treo's--that they looked too big and geeky.

    It's snappy, crisp, bright, sounds great, even smaller than you think, slips in and out of your pocket with ease, rock-solid while at the same time it packs great power in speed and connectivity.

    Two anecdotes:

    - I was astounded today when I decided to try running pTunes and Kinoma player at the same time. I was playing a 160 kbps song and at the same time played a video clip of a speeding Boxster with sound! Nothing skipped!! I heard both sound tracks mixed and the video played as smoothly as if nothing else was playing!!

    - My very picky 12 year old daughter was shocked to see the 600 playing mp3's and videos, taking pictures, emailing them to her so she picked them up a minute later, etc... she said it was so cool that she should be the one carrying it, not me!! Who was it that said that this would never appeal to teen agers or Jill and Jane at the coffee shop? Of course it's pricey, but let's stop claiming that this is anything but a very stylish, hip device! Anyone who can afford it and sees it will buy it!
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    I have to say HS has set the new standard. I love my T6 and can't imagine looking back, no it isn't perfect but it is as close as I have seen to date. My hat is off to HS.
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    Congratulations, silverado, on your new productivity device. I think it is worth the switch to Sprint to get one in your hands now. Who knows how long you would have to wait for GSM? My 15-year old daughter thinks that my T600 should be hers too. (It's probably the only thing about me that's "cool.")
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    Yes, I picked up one Saturday also. I couldn't take waiting an unknown period for the GSM model for my T-Mobile account any longer. Assuming that the GSM comes soon, I may return the Sprint and get it. I'm still checking different functions out, but it does seem pretty good. My only real complaint is lack of bluetooth (which I knew). I mainly want it for wireless acess and synching with my PowerBook. If a bluetooth card comes out I'll be happy.

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