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    I'm considering changing Vision plans to use BizConn, but wanted to ask a few questions of people who are already using it.

    1. How much are people paying for the Professional Vision Plan? It looks like it would be $15 as well, but Sprint's site is pretty obtuse.

    2. Does BC replace the built in calendar/address apps or is BizConn another application? I'd like them to be separate to keep a division between my personal and business apps and calendar.

    3. How would you compare the Biz connection email app to something like Snappermail?

    4. Can BC be used to check POP accounts?

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    1. I can't say how many are using the $15 Professional Vision Plan, but I know some of us are...

    2. BizConn does not replace the Palm calendar/contacts. BizConn doesn't sync either of those, the way it syncs your email -- it just gives you a view (via browse mode on Blazer or on a PC) of your work calendar, your corporate directory, and your personal address book.

    3. and 4. have related answers: BizConn lets you sync your work email to a Treo (MSFT Exchange, Lotus Domino, etc.), and also lets you sync a couple of POP accounts. You can also use it to get access to documents stored on your computer. SnapperMail and many other services are only for POP email accounts, not calendar, contacts, documents etc. (except email attachments)

    There are some other apps for synching work email, though some of those (like Good) only have an "enterprise version" which your company has to deploy.

    One other unusual feature of BizConn is that you can use a Web browser (on a PC, or Blazer) to access all this stuff -- work email, calendar, contacts, documents. I use that feature all the time and love it.
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    Thanks for the information. I went ahead and changed my Vision plan to the Pro and I have to say that BC really works pretty darn well. I just wish I could see my calendar locally on the BC client for Palm.

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    Do you have to pay more beyond the regular Vision plan to use the Personal Edition of Biz Connect? I just set it up on the Treo 600 and it didn't say anything about additional charges.
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    The $15/mo Professional Vision plan includes BizConn.


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