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    Ok, I know ALOT of you are trying to trade in treo 300 for 600. Anybody have any good ideas? It looks like you can get about 150 for brand new 300 on ebay, maybe. I really want to return my 300, I got it only about 20 days ago, but the Sprint store on phone said only 14 days. Im going there tommorrow to complain and try to force it through! Any ideas on what I should say?

    Anybody have any better ideas, or plans you have gone through?

    Better yet, anybody want to buy my brand new treo 300 for $250? (have to try)

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    CompUSA selling treo 300 for $199 now.

    More remodelling at CompUSA. They're going downhill as the only initiative they have is to copy Fry's. I wouldn't buy a 3yr warranty from CompUSA now as I doubt they will still be in business in 3 years.
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    Just for the record, they have more money then you can imagine and I don't think that they are going anywhere anytime soon.
    They also just bought The Good Guys!, a 90 store west coast specialist A/V retailer for 55 million! They were also negotiating to buy out Circuit City but I think that that is no longer in the works.
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    Thats good and all, but do you guys know where i could SELL my treo 300, not buy.

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    Thought EBAY was the defacto best place to sell. Was just lowering your expectations by pointing out the $199 sale price at compusa.
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    Good news!

    I went to my sprint store. It had been 25 days since I bought the treo 300 (it has a 14 day return policy). I told the lady, I can't use this phone because it doesn't support java (BAH, I deleted Xinno), and she kept shaking her head saying no, 14 day return policy, so then I talked to manager and he was like weelll, alright, Ill let you return it. BAMM, then I got put on the list for a treo 600 (since I have to get it from the same store to get the $300 off from treo 300, which I only have to pay $150 for the difference, they are back ordered on Treo 600s and wil take a month for more but hey, atleast Im getting one!).

    I would just like to thank the wonderfully humble Treo 300 community as I venture into the 600 family. Thanks, I will miss you guys, and you don't haave to throw me a going away party, but it would be niiice.

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