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    Has anyone been successful in reading doc/pdf attachments in Sprint's Personal BC treo 600 client? I can see the list of attachments but not download them...
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    ..looking at the Account Settings page on BC after the upgrade today, it looks like there is an updated Desktop Client to be downloaded and installed, AND a "File View Add-On" which can be downloaded.

    i'm guessing you need to get both of these things on your PC before the 6.0 BC Palm Client will be able to render attachments.
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    I can not view attachments in BC either. The "file view" add on allows you to see the contents of any specified folder on your home PC from your Treo. You can also attach a file on your home PC and email it from your Treo. This is a great feature but the BIG question still remains:

    If an email has a small word or excel document attached, how do you view it in Documents to To using Sprint Business Connection?
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    Gator Jim: as nospaster mentioned, it looks like you need to download the "File View Add-on" file from the Settings page. This must be what lets you view files on your Treo. (It can't be the thing that lets you view files on your desktop PC -- that's *always* been a part of BizConn, even before this release.)

    So try the File View Add-on, then resync BizConn once on your Treo, then try again. Let us know if this works for you. Mine has worked from the start, so I can only guess that's what you need to do....
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    Lakeside & nospaster,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm a recent Pocket PC convert and new to both the "Treo" & BC. I was not aware that was on "old" feature (viewing files on office PC).

    As far as reading/viewing file attachments I'm still not having any luck. I followed your advice and installed the "file view add-on" Now when I attempt to view an attachment (say a 21K Excel spreadsheet) I get a message telling me I must download the file from server to view & that appox 10K will be retrieved. I click OK and then it downloads, but what I get it is unreadable (it is just a single long column of words & numbers). Shouldn't at this point Documents to Go open and allow me to view the spreasheet or am I missing something. I've tested with several simple spreadsheets with no luck.
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    Gator Jim... I too have noted that the Excel File view is a mixed bag with some documents turning out better than others as it tries to convert the Excel file to text rather than a native view. The good news is you have file view working in that it dowloads the file to view but it doesn't appear to look very good for you.

    Do you have a small sample file you could zip up and put here to show us and we could try it as well? Maybe we can come up with some explanations.
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    Mobile Ghost,

    I can not attach an Excel or zipped file to this thread (only .jpg's, gif's, etc can be attached).

    Could my problem with the Documents To Go (DTG) reader? I get no indication that DTG is opening when I attempt to view a word or excel document. Clicking on the icon on the launcher only brings me to a web link to their site. From what I've read in other posts this is normal but the viewer should be opening when I attempt to view an word/excel attachment.

    The only other possible thing I can think of is the 10K limit is preventing the formatting detail of the files from being downloaded? I'm grasping here though and have no idea if this is a possible cause.

    Any suggestions? I really appreciate you all taking the time to help me figure this out.
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    Gator Jim,

    If you are getting the document then the FileViewer is likely working but just doing a poor transformation. The BC software does not DTG or external viewers on your device. The transformation is done on the Desktop and converts (transforms) when needed. If you create a simple Excel file with no fancy formatting, attach it to your email then does it look better?
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    Mobile Ghost,

    Still no luck, I am still only getting a long, single column of data. Since the "File Add-On" appearst to be working in BC, perhaps the better question is: How do I use the free DTG viewer that was included with the Treo? I thought DTG opened automatically when you tried to open an Excel file, but I interpret your comments to say it doesn't. As I said earlier, I have no indication that DTG is opening at all. Perhaps I should try out the "Preimium" Edition?
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    The BC client on the Treo is not integrated with Docs 2 Go. When you click on the attachment you will only see a conversion of your original document to ascii. Useless if you ask me. Especially since it doesn't always work and when it does it doesn't show it in a format that is readable. What you have to do is forward the email to your POP account and then retrieve it with Snapper. Once it's in Snapper it can be viewed with Docs 2 Go.

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