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    Will McPhling work on the treo 600? Will it work without having to use the stylus?
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    Yes, works great with 600 nav. I have it launch from my 'Launcher' button (next to the 'menu' button at the bottom).

    I named 'Applications' as a favorite to always show in Mcphling so I can get to the launcher if I need to.

    With Mcphling, I don't think that you really need a launcher replacement app. Great for one handed use while travelling.
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    I configured McFling to run when you hold the up on the 5 way nav (MRU list) and when you hold the down (Back). It works great. You have to scroll down the buttons list until you see 5 way nav, and you have to click the Hold option...

    hope that helps,
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    You've got to get the latest version from McCollister's website, though. The version that worked on your Treo 270 or 300 will not run properly on your 600.

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