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    miketinsfo -

    My BizCon has also been really buggy the last week and I noticed that I also have the following "eekey" message numerous times:

    "Fri Nov 21 14:13:56 PST 2003 (2092-3472): *** Can't get eekey. Skipping."

    Did you ever find out what that alert refers to?
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    TreoHugger - For your eekey problem do you have multiple devices being used under BC?

    In any case if you are still having the problem try this.

    1. Go into the web interface to the settings page,

    2. Turn off the Alerts if you have them on currently.

    3. Go to the devices section checkmark the delete box for your device. Click on Save.

    4. Now on your device go to the Mail - > Settings -> Seven Info selection and click on re-register. Enter in your credentials again. This should re-register your device with new keys.

    See if this works and report back.
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