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    It might be too late for me, but my treo is coming TOMORROW, and I went ahead and ordered this bundle from at ebay...

    It's a USB hotsync cable, USB home charger, and USB car charger for 11 bucks... But I have heard some of the car chargers are not compatible with the T600... Any info? in any case this looks like a pretty sweet deal, if only for the cable.

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    I bought this cable a while back for my 300, and it would charge but couldn't get to hot sync. I ended up buying the MiniSync from Boxwave
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    I'm still waiting for my 600 to arrive, but I have been looking at that exact same cable. Please post your experiences with it when you get it.

    I'm VERY interested in getting one if it works as advertised.
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    I'm all about boxwave's minisync cable. Highly recommended. Breaks easily, though.
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    I received 2 sync cables from E-force City on Friday, and threw them away on Saturday. Nearly broke the pins off in my handheld.
    Be cafefull, PLEASE!!!
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    I got a hotsync USB cable for them both for a Prism and T3. Both worked flawlessly!
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    I wanted to post an update on my experience with the cabled from eforcity.

    I purchased a USB hotsync cable, a cigarette lighter adapter (with USB jack), and a wall adapter (with USB jack). I have been using them for a few days, and so far so good. Here are my observations.

    1) The Treo connector is TIGHT at first. It took more force than it should to get in the first time, but since then, it has been easier, and secure.
    2) The cable works both as a sync and a charging cable. BUT it has NO sync button built in to the cable. From the picture it is hard to tell. So you have to open Hotsync on the treo to sync.
    3) The car and wall chargers work as expected. I was afraid the car charger might give me problems, because of the warning in the Treo box, but so far no resets.

    So, I think all in all, it is a great deal for 11 bucks. I might go ahead and get a retractable cable like the boxwave, but, for the chargers alone, 11 bucks (plus 6 bucks shipping), was a good deal. If I have any changes in experience, I will post it to the group!

    good luck...
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    Thanks for the update...
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    I've used the eforcity usb hotsync cable for my treo 300 with no problems. I tried it out on my T600 with no problems either. I even use the same cable when running Wireless Modem on my laptop.
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    here's the one i have
    very durable, works with both 300 and 600
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    Can you use any usb power supplying device (e.g., USB AC Adaptor Adaptor, USB Car Adaptor, etc.) with any USB charger cable?

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