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    I'm very interested in the Treo 600, but since it can't use analog service, I'm concerned about how well it will work outside of the home service area.

    According to Sprint's coverage map, PCS service does not seem to be available away from major cities and highways here in New England. It seems like most of New England falls into the "off network" roaming area. I've seen other posts here mention that other carrier's digital networks will be used when possible, but without analog service, how far off the beaten path do I have to get before I get no service whatsoverer? It's not that I travel a lot, but I'd like to think I can use the phone even when I'm out in the boonies somewhere. My current phone can use analog service, but even with that one I experience no serivce areas more often than I would like (including my entire home town). How much worse will that get without analog service?

    I'm also very reluctant to switch to Sprint, and might wait for the GSM Treo 600 before I actually buy it (hopefully it won't be too much longer!). The GSM doesn't do analog either, but would I get better coverage with one of the GSM carriers? I currently use AT&T and would like to stick with them if possible.
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    My Treo 300 never do this, now the new Treo 600 roaming to Verizon! I don't need roaming, but this is good because it saves battery.

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