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    Can some one explain to me if i'm just stupid (don't answer that), are their major incompatability issues with previous palm software, or do i have a faulty installation. i am having problems reinstalling a good many of the programs i used on my 300. in addition, i'm having trouble installing newly downloaded programs that are supposed to be specific to palm 5.0 os. when i attempt an install, hot sync locks up, and i have to terminate the program, restart it and away i go. some major programs that i use that come to mind are avantgo, agendus, and a few games that are not critical. this problem has not occurred with treo600sms, pdanet, epocrates, all of which are treo 600 specific. if i remove the "stuck" programs from the installer, hot sync proceeds normally. is this a case where a unit was released before 3rd parties have had a chance to catch up with software, or do i have a problem with my 600. any helpful input would be most appreciated.

    Gary L. Henkel
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    Try restarting your PC and then re-installing the Palm Desktop software. What you describe is not normal. The desktop software is almost identical to that on Treo 300.
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    been there and done that half a dozen times. including deleting previous palm and handspring desktop software before reinstalling. again, the only time hotsync doesn't work is when i'm attempting to reinstall programs i used on my 300, and certain new ones allegedly ok for palm os 5.0. and further, the programs that are hanging are NOT the ones that the installation segregated as potentially problematic.
    Gary L. Henkel
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    OK so try this...

    Hard reset the Treo 600. Then go to your backup folder and cut the content to a safe place. Now HotSync. Then go to the folder where you cut the Treo 300 Backup content and install those programs that you know you want.

    Avoid like the plague:
    Any ringtone applications you already had
    Any Hacks (they do nothing on OS 5)
    Any PQAs (ditto)
    MIDI Ringtones pdb file
    Any Treo 300 telephony modifying or enhancing apps
    Launcher applications
    Keyboard modifying apps
    Business Connection

    I'll bet you have a safe transition with these guidelines.

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