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    When someone on a Sprint PCS camera phone sends a photo to my Treo 600 via Picture Mail, I am unable to open it on my Treo. I get the message that a photo has arrived in my SMS queue. Then I go to open it and I get the link information in an SMS-like email. I click the link to go to the photo (i.e., and I get a page with Picture Share on the top, then a unloaded image and two links: Download and Options. I click Download and I get a page with a Sprint logo, a close link and an error message saying that the page is temporarily unavailable. At the bottom of the page is a Powered by Lightsurf image.

    When I called Sprint I heard different things from different people. One person said that it will not work because SMS is not working yet. Another person said that I need to buy and download a picture viewer to be able to see pictures sent from a Sprint Picture Phone.

    Has anyone else been having this issue? Can anyone help me solve this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm having this same exact problem!! Does noone else here use picturemail? Or am I just missing something simple (wouldn't be the first time). little help...please?
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    YES - I had the same problem! After spending the better part of 2 days on the phone with multiple CS reps and pcs vision support people from sprint and also some handspring CS people, I finally got it to work. That's the good news...

    The bad news is that it took a "hard reset" (see Treo600 Manual p.153 or see below) to fix the problem so I lost the data I'd put in (not much) since I hadnt sync'd yet. I was at the end of my rope and nobody could fix it and I was about to get a t600 replacement sent to me, so I decided to do a hard reset just for the heck of it. Lo and behold, it worked! I tried looking at a shared pic sent to me one last time and everything worked fine. Go figure...

    Good luck! Hope it works for you guys. Picture share is wonderful once you get it working!


    PS: fyi - i'm positive you dont need any special 3rd party apps/picture viewers or whatever the CS person told you. 3 of my friends have t600s as well and their picture share worked perfect straight out of the box.

    Hard Reset
    A hard reset erases all data and third-party software on your Treo. Never perform a hard reset without first trying a soft and system reset. You can restore previously synchronized data with the next HotSync operation. A hard reset can tell you whether a problem stems from your Treo or an application installed on it. If you do not experience the problem after you perform a hard reset, the problem may be related to software you installed. See page 162 for suggestions on diagnosing third-party software issues.

    1. Unscrew the stylus tip to access the reset tool.
    2. While holding the Wireless Mode button, use the reset tool to gently press the reset button on the back of your Treo.
    3. When the Palm Powered logo appears, release the Wireless Mode button.
    4. When the warning appears, press Up to confirm the hard reset.
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    I might be off base here but the default for the browser is to have images turned off. Under pref you can turn them on. Could it be that?
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    Wow thats great Doug! I plan on trying it first thing in the morning (after I hotsync , you really saved me a lot of headache! This board is great!!
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    Doug, you rock! Thanks! As you may have been able to tell from my original post, I was at my wits end with this problem. This is my first post to a forum like this and I am glad I did! I will be sure to now give as I have received. Going to try the hard reset first thing in the AM. Wish me luck!

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    Worked beautifully!! I got in to the office this morning - hotsynced - then did a hard reset. After hotsyncing again I was back to normal but my pics now work! Thanks so much for your help Doug!

    (this should be in a FAQ somewhere)
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    Is there anyway to share a picture with someone at a regular (non-phone) address?

    MessageXPress/Treomail doesn't seem to support "add attachment" and the "share" functionality in the camera subsection seems to only support their proprietary network.
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    Yeah, no problem! All you do is hit share after you take the picture, then type in any email address you want to in the to field. It doesn't have to be a sprint number or email address. Hope this helps...
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    just click on "Share" put in their non-phone email address, and click "Share" again. Voila! They get an Html type email with the pic imbedded, and if they click on "View" of the email, it opens a browzer window so they can see a bigger version. Hope that helps ya!
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    I've seen that, but when I tested typing in a non-phone address, it never arrives. Are you sure that this works?
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    Just tested it out with my yahoo address. Worked like a charm (and arrived within one minute)!
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    Has anybody found a way to fix this problem without doing a HARD RESET?
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    I know this information doesn't necessarily help, however a friend send me a picture he shot from his Treo 600 to me and I was able to click on the link and the picture displayed. No reset required.
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    Sweeeet...the Hard Reset worked. And I recovered all my stuff after the hotsync.
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