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    The headset that comes with the t600 seems to have very bad sound quality. Is the High-Performance Headset offered by Handspring any better??
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    I purchased the high performance headset with my t600 and have not had any problems with it. Though I've never used a headset with a phone until now, it seems pretty clear and the folks I talk to dont have trouble hearing me.
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    Any other opinions on this one? Is there a better upgrade to a simple single-earbud headset with an answer/hangup button?
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    The high performance headset is in a completely different class than the headset that comes with the Treo. I've used it everyday since I purchased it and it's great. I have 5 other headsets and it has the best quality sound/reception of all of them. Highly recommended!!!!
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    I was wondering if there are any folks that use Shures/Ety's in-ear phones with their Treos? Come out folks - you know who you are! :-)
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    does that high-perf headset also let you listen to music ??
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    I don't believe so.

    Thanks for the info Crowza. They're pretty cheap on ebay.
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    I've had 2 high performance headsets since getting my Treo, and both have gone bad. They were both under warranty, but at this point, after the firmware upgrade, the included headset sounds, to me, just as good as the so-called high performance headset.
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    I have the "High Performance" headset, but find it uncomfortable and the volume too low for loud environments. It's ok as far as it goes.

    I also have the Shure and the They are both excellent. I posted a comparison in the accessories forum. See the bottom of this thread:

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