Downloaded and trying the newest BC (tried it about a year ago, and had been using TreoMail since then). It looks great, but I see two things that I question, and just want to verify what I'm seeing:

1. No way to have an e-mail signature auto-append to every new message? C'mon - that's gotta be there, and I'm just too stupid to find it.

2. And no way to have filters on the desktop? Even TreoMail/Visto had that, as has most all other redirectors I've tried. Again, I've looked and searched (PDF user guide, and all of the stuff I could find), to no avail.

It has been so long since I was an active BC user, that I can't remember about these two things, so maybe a longer time user can clue me in.

Surely Seven and Sprint have these two basic items, and I can't figure it out.....