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    How do I "disconnect" from the business connection? I don't see how/where I can do this. Any ideas?
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    On your desktop double click on the icon in your system tray, the Biz Connection app opens. Go to the "file" menu, then select "disconect". Disconnecting your desktop app "disables" Sprint access to your exchange server.
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    One step quicker is to just hit the big Disconnect button in the window... it is front and center after you double click on your icon tray.
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    Sprinttreo -- the 2 responses you've rec'd assume that you were asking about how you disconnect Biz Conn from your desktop computer....If you're asking how to 'disconnect' on the Treo, there's no need to do so. It's only 'connected' for the amount of time it's actually synching. If you're question still isn't answered, please clarify....

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