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    Hey folks new to the scene here. I'm using Yahoo as a portal with the Treo.
    When I used my last device Yahoo kept me signed in. I have cookies enabled but every time I go back to Yahoo I have to sign in again. Any ideas?

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    me 2
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    how about checking the"remember my ID on this computer" option
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    where is the remember option on the 300?
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    From my experience, the Yahoo WAP e-mail application uses cookies to remember you, but the small HTML one does not. I always have to re-login. It's a pain.
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    would somebody plese post the small html Yahoo portal link here?

    I'm talking about the one that has just two columns of small icons (maybe 6 total) for things like mail, finance, etc.

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    I use the UK site and you don't have to log in. I use it in the U.S. It's //
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    this is the one I've been using:

    i'll try the UK one - thanks!

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