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    What kind of real-world battery life have T600 owners been getting? When Handspring advertises 10 days of standby and 4-5 hours of talk time, is that without email or web browsing? Assuming an email check every 15 minutes through the day, fairly heavy PDA use, and about an hour of cell phone use per day, how long would people estimate one battery charge to last?
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    Here's what I've been seeing.

    If I leave the phone on constantly, I get about 2.5 days between charges.

    My usage is typically about 1 hour of talk time each day and checking POP email every 30 minutes from 8AM to 11PM. I also keep an SD card in at all times and usually sync it 2-4 times daily as I still am adding programs and making quite a few changes to contacts and so forth.

    My coverage at home is 1 bar so I assume that with CDMA that requires more juice, but my work location typically has a full signal.


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