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    Has anyone else had their Treo ship, but their credit card not charged? When I ordered my Treo from Handspring on 10/9 my card was charged the $1 authroization. When my Treo finally moved to shipped this past Thursday, I expected my card to be charged then. But I am tracking it on FedEx and expect delivery on Tuesday, but still there is no sign of the charge on my card. Could I be getting my Treo free due to whatever glitch they had on the 10/9 orders?
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    I received mine on the 10th of October, but the credit card charge didn't hit my account until the 15th.

    It would be nice to think that the charge won't come through, but Handspring is a little to efficient for us to expect that. I'm just glad it hit my card after the October billing date. Its not even going to show on my statement until the November billing.

    Works for me!

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