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    Ok, I'm a little ashamed to admit this...but I was thinking of going with the Samsung i700 phone instead of the Treo 600.

    Of course I won't because Sprint doesn't carry it (yet) and I don't want to lose my good deal on data and minutes.

    But it lead me to thinking.....I keep reading complaints about the screen and the camera.

    The Samsung has a much better screen and Camera. Then there is the pocket pc vs. palm debate. Of course the i700 is bigger than the Treo 600, and there is no keyboard - 2 major negatives.

    So, it comes down to Size & Keyboard (Treo 600) vs. (Screen and Camera) (i700).

    So any opinions would be welcome.
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    Good question. Hard to say until someone can actually compare the two devices side by side.

    I've used the other PocketPC based phones out there, and a couple of things jump out at me: I like the bigger screens on the PocketPC phones; Pocket IE is still better than the Treo 600 Blazer app; built-in email app is included; easier to manage files on the device using built-in integration with Windows explorer (not a plus for Mac users); and I'm just used to the way the PocketPC OS user interface works.

    The downside is that the PocketPC's are all quite a big bigger than the Treo 600. Big negative for me.

    I really like the Treo 600 keyboard. My wife has the Treo 300, but we both now prefer the 600 keyboard. We also have an old 957 Blackberry but haven't really pulled that out for a keyboard comparison.

    So, in conclusion, I decided the keyboard was the most important factor that determines how useful the device will be. As long as I can access my email, most web pages, and some IM/SMS, I can live with the smaller screen and get used to the new UI (new to me).

    just my .02.
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    I just got the Treo 600 and my brother in law just got the i700 (Verizon). The i700 has a beautiful screen and ofcourse has the Windows GUI. However, it is a BRICK when compared to the Treo 600 plus there is no physical keyboard.

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